Tap Forms Lite Organizer and Secure Database App Reviews

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No longer works

This app used to be so helpful but now, whenever I attempt to select an entry to look at the details, the app crashes. It’s useless now.

Having trouble signing in

Love the app, use it all the time. But for awhile now it takes 2-3 attempts to sign in before it gets me in. I put in the password and it goes back to the home screen of my phone. After 2-3 tries I get in. Can anything be done? Thanks!


This app is a money sucking monster!

The most flexible and best organizer app ever

The best app I have! The most personalized app to organize anythink in any way you need. I love its flexibility. It gets as rich as your ideas and capability to explore it in every way you need. There is no other of this kind to compare. Thank you.

Couldn't get anything to work except creating new form

I was excited to try this out but the only thing I could do was delete all of the default forms (which were meaningless to me) and create a new form. I could not add any records to the new form. Or, more accurately, I could add blank and non-editable records that can only be deleted. I will try another app.

Looked Like a Winner, Never Started the Race

I have an iPhone 4S running iOS 9.2 and was hoping Tap Forms could replace the two(!) database/list manager apps I currently use (one doesn’t quite do what I want, the other isn’t even listed in the App Store anymore). The description looked good, the reviews looked good, download & installation went OK, I tapped around the sample forms and then decided on the acid test: creating a custom form. I made it simple: two text fields and a field for an image (photo). I had to sort of feel my way through the process (accidentally duplicated fields a couple of times) but the process was relatively intuitive — but there was no “Save” or “Done” button, and returning to the first screen in the process made the form vanish. I tried again (no accidental duplications this time) but still couldn’t find a way to save my changes — and could not find mention of whether or not this is a limitation of the Lite version in the App Store description, the help files, or the developer website. (There *is* an online manual for the iPhone app on the website, but it looks like it’s from a previous version — definitely different graphics, at least.) I created my form a 3rd time, then tapped on the settings button and my new form *did* show up in the list of forms to customize — but the app steadfastly refused to show it in the list of forms available for data entry in any category. I deleted & reinstalled the app, recreated the form, my custom form is still invisible no matter what the settings… and now any time I tap ANYTHING on the screen, the app tells me I’m limited to 15 records in the Lite version and gives me the opportunity to cancel or upgrade, nothing else. (I never had a chance to enter any records.) I would have loved to try this app, but with no way to actually save a custom form for testing, no way to know if the lack of “Save” as an option is a feature of the Lite version, and now no way to do anything but buy the full-price version without testing it first, it’s going into the trash heap.

I LOVE This APP!!!!Fully customizable!!!

This was every thing I was looking for and more. I love the ability to edit and customize every field, form, template, file, folder, ... At anytime. And I love having my own drop down select fields! This makes updating and staying organized, a breeze! Thank you!!

WOW Worth a look!!!

As a first time tech savvy user, I am very impressed with this APP. I will likely upgrade to the full version once i test my forms on patrol tonight....This app is user friendly, intuitive, requires little skill to create detailed forms with many user options... The best part is I can email an encrypted report to my supervisor..The forms are professional and will greatly expedite the speed in which I have to submit official documents with my volunteer work with the Police dept. I will write an update after I test further and upgrade to full version.. therefore 4 stars to start. thank you!! PS: The form tool is better than a crime dbase app that I used on my widows phone and recently left to upgrade to an iPhone 6 plus...

Flexible and adaptable

Most apps I buy fall into disuse after a couple months. I keep finding new ways to use Tapforms from home inventory, various collections of music and books, maintenance history. Intuitive and handy. I have Mac and iOS version. Can be slow on older macs with large databases having many fields per record--thus the 4 star--works fine with 2013 MBAir. The developer is working a more efficient engine to address that. I use this almost daily. Good support and active user community.

Great app

Powerful and intuitive. Comes with many ready to use organizer databases. Easy to customize and set up your own database. In less than 10 minutes I set one up to track volunteer hours worked, with five fields and several pick lists to make data entry fast and error-free.

Love The App

I absolutely love this app! I have used it for many years for varied purposes. I am always amazed each time I create a new database form at the varied field options and features. I know if I need to keep track of something create a database tap forms is my go to application! Also the support is first rate. I have always received a very prompt response with a solution. I can't live without this this app! If it anytime I wish that the app would support a certain feature, next thing you know there's an update which has that feature! Thank you tap forms!!

Better than Bento!

Wished I knew about this about app sooner. I would have switched a long time ago. If your looking for a personal database, buy this app!

My most useful app Really!

I use this app multiple times a day to retrieve the information I can't possibly keep up with any other way. With tap forms the information it is always at my finger tips - literally. The customization and ability to back up the files is great.

Tap Forms

Absolutely LOVE this app! It was sooo easy to set up a database to suit my small travel business. Brendan is just great-best support ever for an app like this. I looked long & hard for a database that wouldn't consume my time to set up. This works just like Apple related Apps should, intuitive & easy. The one thing it's lacking is on his to do list and he keeps improving. You won't be sorry getting this app. I use it with the Mac book pro desktop version & it syncs flawlessly. Great replacement for Bento users.

Super tool!

I've had this app for years and use this app every day to manage my business and keep track of all my service records. I love that I can work with the data in Excel and backup to cloud! Tap forms has worked with me to improve the app from the start, now I can tap the phone numbers listed in the database to make calls! Love the new feature, keep up the great work! --Chris

Versatil, user friendly, stable...

I continue to make extensive use of this app. It is powerful in its capabilities, flexible in its utility. I have many databases I've created to store data for trips, shooting stats, camping check lists. I use the features for performing calculations on columns of data like total costs or average score. The continuous performance improvements and enhancements over time (like security and user interface) have been key. Keep up the great work!

Best Database

Hands down the best database you can get for iOS. Tons of features, great FAST support.

Honestly a gem, so powerful!

I wrote the review below but apparently never sent it. At that time it was 5 star, although at this time 3 star. One thing that doesn't work for me, an it's a killer, is the Sync between the iPhone version and my Mac versions....might just be a problem with me? It worked at one time, but now, even with the help of support, can't get it working, so looking for another place to move my critical data...but wanted to keep my earlier review intact because still think the app is very cool... I rarely write reviews unless something is significantly good or bad. This is definitely good... wonderful, powerful, easy to use, reliable, and super support. It similar to an Access or Oracle database, in that you can create your own custom forms to enter data, then use near instant searches to look up things. It might be more advanced than some want to get into, but it's so powerful, those that make the effort are rewarded with what it can do. Examples I use it for: Favorite Foods Database, Exercise Log Database, Trip Database, Even Passwords (supports encryption for extra security). I can't begin to go into the details of what you can do, but if you want to store, search, and customize inputs, this software is awesome. Love it.

Best database fir the iPad or iPhone

I've got both versions and can't do without them. I use them everyday. If you need a database to keep up with anything then this is the one to get!


I am using Tap Forms over 3 years and I am vey please with it. Beside the app work great and solve all my needs I found out that when needed there is a great customer service, fast and professional. Recommend using this app 100% .

The BEST app!!!

Endless possibilities with this app, and the absolute best part is the customer service. This group is fantastic and responds to the feedback quickly! I use this app to record my sales calls for work and it's excellent!!! Thanks for the great work guys!

The Database

There are no competitors. If you want a full featured, powerful, and flexible database program, this is it. The developer is dedicated, there's new features and fixes steadily, as well as mac app. Get it.

Love this app

Works perfectly to organize my sheet music library. Looking forward to purchasing the full computer version!

Versatile, powerful, and easy to use

Let's me handle lots of different information in an organized way.

Robust, flexible, customizable database. Recommend!!!

As a former Bento user, I am thankful to have found this. I use receive on an iPhone 6 (8.1) and MB air (Maverick). I will soon add iPad and iphone 5s to synch profile. The support has been top notch (needed help converting and customizing bento templates to Forms). I use this both for business and personal needs, and frankly think the databases are underpriced considering what they provide as a value. Highly recommend to those seeking a database solution for their iOS and apple devices. (Caveat - I can not speak to those with older Devices and Operating systems ) 2014-11-10 just updated to 3.9.2 Forms are even more responsive. ****technical support is more responsive than any other ap I use!!!! Looking forward to future apps developed by them.

A real workhorse

I have used this app since the iPhone 4. Through all the updates and different iOS upgrades it has never failed me. Highly recommended.

Best Form App

Easy and fast to set up and use. Best form available hands down. Makes my inspection job so much easier and professional.

Nice concept.

Doesn't sync between Mac and iPhone.


I use your app on my ipad. After the last update, I have no control on the size of the font for notes when I email or print. Please HELP!

Great database, great support

I have been looking for a bento substitute for a while. I tried several database apps and finally settled with this one. I like it and I am using it every day for my job (business consulting). It is not perfect (that's why 4 stars) but getting there. What for sure deserves 5 STAR is support: very responsive and very fast. They are constantly releasing updates and bug fixes... I love that. Again this is an app that is a 5star in progress and soon will get there. Buy and use both versions iOS and Mac ... you will not regret it.

Does Not Work With IOS 8

Does not work with IOS 8. It only works with IOS 7 or less.

Don't Update

I loss all my info when I did this update all my work for the last years is no more there

More text space

I would like to see more space available for text in the text field

Great App Again

After a brief and rapidly fixed glitch, back to its old awesome self. You will want the paid version, and it is worth the cost. Versatile, robust, features others don't have and a support team second to none.



Best Syncing Database Yet

I moved to Tap Forms when FileMaker pulled support for Bento. I only which FileMaker had pulled support earlier! I’ve been using databases that sync between mobile devices and the desktop for ages — starting with HandDBase on Palm Pilot — and this is by the far the best. They have kept it simple — not overloading it with functionality I don’t need. They have focused on reliability and ease of use. I have a few databases with thousands of records which I have been using for about 15 years. It was easy to import all of my data. I’ve never had any issues syncing between Mac, iPad and iPhone. Their approach for syncing requires you to read the instructions (!) and understand when you have to hit the sync button. This is a small price to pay for the syncing reliability you get. I like their beaming feature — makes it easy to share data with my wife’s copy of Tap Forms.

Solid CRM 4 small biz

Good customization. Updates are good & getting there. Still needs iCal sync but ios Address book sync works ok. Could have more control over editing the ui for the main form screen - but the custom tabs suffice. Would like ability to auto import fields from linked forms, especially to use in calculations (i.e. Quotes).

Very User Friendly

Best app I have found to track my classes I teach, hours I work, receipts for taxes.

Basically good

I like this tool and use it every day. I would give it 5 stars if I had a setting to automatically update iCloud on exit rather than having to do manual push.

Very good . . . But

An excellent program but there is no apparent way to delete a record from the database.

Tap Forms is my MVP app!! Get it!!

This is a long overdue review. I've had this app for 1-2 years now. Downloaded the lite version and upgraded to the full/paid version within a day or two. I use this app several times a day and honestly don't know how I'd live without it. Before Tap Forms, I would regularly get locked out of online accounts (financial stuff, e-commerce, etc.) because I couldn't remember the exact log-in and password combination. Let's face it, if you're like me and do all of your financial stuff and most of your shopping online, you have A TON of slightly different log-in and password combos. Some have to have 7 characters, some 8, some with an initial cap or 1 number or 2 or... it just gets ridiculous trying to remember them all. And after 3 tries you get locked out. Enter Tap Forms. It stores all of them and it's protected with its own password which is really easy to remember. Also keep a ton of other info in here, like serial numbers, Applecare, frequent flyer and loyalty program numbers, passport, driver's license, insurance, various accounts, combination locks, you-name-it. Great customer service, too. Every time I had a question they got right back to me with just the right info. This app totally rocks. I rarely pay for apps but this one is totally worth it!

Very solid forms app

I downloaded this yesterday and built a form in 5 minutes. It's really great. I wish you could export multiple submissions in one export as an excel doc. Otherwise I love it!

The absolute BEST !!!

I can't say enough about this well designed database. The tech support is outstanding as well. Thank you for assisting in organizing my "stuff".


This app is Awesome! use it for everything data collecting.

Perfect replacement

When the sync feature stopped working on my Bento databases, I knew I had to find something else. I looked at several and read reviews and ultimately bought the Lite version of Tapforms. It was good enough to upgrade to full. Within 5 minutes of upgrading, I was able to import my largest Bento database and design a form that looks exactly like I wanted! Seems very intuitive, flexible and has made it possible for me to make the switch from Bento painlessly.

Best Database App - Best Support!

This is the best database app for iOS without question. Fully customizable but has several templates included. The support from this developer is top notch. The two issues I have had were responded to and fixed within 24-48 hours. If you want a true database app with many options and seemingly instant support, this is the one. Highly recommended!

WORTH the price :)

I sent the developer a features request by email and he responded right away, pointed out that some features I wanted was already baked in with a little menu digging. Prompt support, super flexible app meets all my busy work needs. The only issue is a comprehensive user manual, I couldn't find it. Their web page is simple and could use a knowledge base Q&A forum.

Thank you, this app is great!...

I went to the full version right away, and also have the iPad version. Will round out my installation with the Mac version as well. It is by far the quickest, easiest program to get organized... the iCloud synchronization works PERFECTLY, and is the reason I chose this app over all the others! I have been in the industry for over 35 years, used FileMaker, dBase, Access, you name it... this program just makes DB's EASY!!!


So happy I found this. Will upgrade soon but please evernote integration! And also if we could create forms on the web would be perfect! (I'm a pc user currently)

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